puzzle game

My life is like a puzzle game. Everyone, everything is a piece of puzzle.

There were several times all the puzzles I put together fall apart and and I have to start it all over again.

And, even I left you out of my puzzle game, I know in the end, you will remain as a missing piece in my final picture.

infinite dialogue

Many people I walk by daily. Sometimes, something or somebodycatches my eyes, so I take a picture. But i never start aconversation. A picture tells a story and everyone has story to tell. I want people in my picture share their story with me and others.  Taking advantage of the cyber space which connects people in a way where the requirements of same time and same places from both sides are omitted, I want to start a conversation with each person in my picture and with people around the world.

I call the project  infinite dialogue.

I am taking pictures of people who walk by me daily when they don’t notice it.
Then I give them a note:

Hi — my name is Wei and I just took a picture of you and maybe alsosome other people around you. The photo will be posted later on under today’s date. Please feel free to tell me something about yourself and start an infinite dialogue about yourportrait and people around the world.